Fashion Tips for 2018, New Decade in Men’s Style: Sharp, Slim Fitting Suits. Dress Pants, Dress Pants in Vibrant Color

The new year, 2018, brings along with it some ineffable feeling of futurity, of a liberation of human expression and style that has been culminated over the past decade. Men have been released from the shackles of the traditional blue-or-black colour palette and seek to rival the opposite sex in their appeal to sartorial taste and personal expression through the medium of clothing.

A Taste for Tailoring, Custom and Handmade Dress Shirts, Suits, and Accessories

One of the major changes that will become apparent in the world of men’s fashion and style for 2017 and onward will be a noticable trend toward custom and handmade clothing and accessories. is just one example of how designer men’s fashion labels are facing great competition from new and intuitive companies. Custom made dress shirts and suits are becoming increasingly popular and affordable options (many services offering high quality dress shirts from ~$70 and suits from $350 – only marginally more expensive than brand name labels such as Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Stanley Lewis, and other established or upcoming menswear labels).

Custom made dress shirts and suits are also becoming much more affordable and popular due to the proliferation of online purchasing and marketing in menswear. No longer limited to brick and mortar locations for their wardrobe necessities, men from all walks of life and all vocations are choosing to shop online – customizing both their shopping experience as well as the product itself.

Handmade accessories are also becoming increasingly popular, particular on well-known sites such as Cufflinks, neckties, and other excellent accessories such as stainless steel flasks and cigarette holders are readily available from the site, complete with affordable shipping and the extra gratification of having a handmade, personalized item as part of your wardrobe.

Designer Trends in Men’s Fashion, Hot New Looks for Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

Designer trends for the upcoming year and decade will quite likely be extremely varied – as competition once again blooms from small independent designer labels online, traditional men’s fashion mainstays (even high-end designers such as Etro, Ermenegildo Zegna, and others) will need to compete both in pricing, quality, and aesthetics in a new and growing marketplace.

Modern (or perhaps, post-modern) fashion tastes show personality and expression beyond the typical norm – though a brief return to classic, conservative sensibility is evident during the current recession. Look for bright, bold colours in both abstract and complimentary prints to appear commonly as more and more men turn to increasingly liberalated colour palettes. Fresh greens, bright blues, and majestic pinks and purples look to make a great impact over the next decade – being complimented with stark black, tropical orange, and sunset reds.

Fit is the name of the game. No longer is there any reason to have ill-fitting dress shirts, suits, or even casual pants – custom and handmade tailoring can substitute for any traditional purchase with little additional expense. No longer constrained by budgets, men in 2017 and onward have full access to a variety of respectable online merchants that will provide perfectly customized and tailored clothing to your door for a fraction of the current market price.

All in all, the upcoming decade in fashion shows a great deal of promise for men who are looking to broaden their aesthetic horizons, expressing a personal and intimate image of themselves through increasingly affordable handmade and custom-made garments.