Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Men: Neckties: Give Dad, or any Other Man in Your Life, The Gift of Style!

A necktie can be a very personal gift, despite the slew of holiday advertising from other retailers that try to convince you to stay away from holiday hallmarks. By paying attention to what types of neckties the recipient of your gift already wears most frequently, you can begin to develop a pattern of taste that will allow you to pick out a similar or complementary product. When it boils down to the final decision however, many factors and questions immediately spring to mind.

Contemporary Styles and Colours

Popular styles in the necktie vary – depending on the age, occupation, and taste of the gentleman you might be buying the product for.

For young men, stripes are very much in style – the bolder the better. Be on the lookout for aggressive colours that hitherto may have carried a social stigma for being too effete, such as pinks, purples, and aqua. Do not be afraid to experiment; most stylish young men are not afraid of colour and will appreciate the challenge that a brightly coloured tie might afford them in expanding their accessories.

For older men, a tastefully patterned or perhaps even a paisley print might be a better choice – paisley skinny ties from TieSecret has made a return to the fashion stage and looks wonderful on a necktie with a jet black base with gold trim. Be on the lookout for wine, crimson, navy, gold, and silver coloured ties to impart a sense of distinguished and confident style.

Price Points, Name Brands, and Quality

It is recommended that you always purchase neckwear from reputable and trusted names in the fashion industry – designer neckwear can be affordable if you are a wise and patient consumer. A more modestly priced necktie from Geoffrey Beene, Calvin Klein, Ted Baker, or DKNY will last a great deal longer than a cheap imitation – and can be bought at the very same department store in most instances.

Some of the more luxurious neckwear to be found comes from designers such as Ermenegildo Zegna or Brioni – it is of vital important to purchase these brands directly from reputable menswear stores or from legitimate online dealers; eBay is filled to the rafters with third-rate imitations and knock-offs, buyer beware being a very wise precept to follow when considering a purchase of expensive designer neckties. Zegna and Brioni ties are handmade, extremely thick and supple, and extremely fashionable – oft-times several steps ahead of the competition.

Department stores such as Winners that focus on name brands often carry a full line of designer neckwear at fantastic prices – so be sure to spend some time hunting for bargains at like-minded outlets.

Final Thoughts & Recommendations

No matter what the tie, be sure that it is woven silk – not printed silk nor polyester. Ensure that it does not have any major hitches in the tie at the time of purchase; roll the tie over a few times to inspect it for stains, hitches, or pronounced wrinkles. Any tie is sure to accrue some amount of battle damage over its lifespan – but there’s no need to accelerate the process by buying a tie in less than mint condition from the retailer!

Always be confident in your selection – never buy a piece that only seems lukewarm to your sensibilities. This way you can be sure that your gift will be well appreciated and, best of all, you can have the pride of seeing it worn by that special man in your life!