Straight Eye for the Queer Guy, Men’s Fashion: Fresh, New Wardrobe and Clothing Suggestions for Gay Men

Gay men sometimes are beholden to a metrosexual stereotype regardless of their stylistic persuasion – whether they are couch potatos or do, in fact, dress to impress. Though this pre-emptive assumption can be beneficial or positive in the sense that many people perceive gay men to be fashionable and cosmopolitan, it can also lead to assumptions regarding fashion choices that simply do not hold water.

Conservative, Muted Colours with a Bold Accessory (Ties, Cufflinks, Eyeglasses)

Breaking the mould is one thing that should be at the top of all men’s lists, as nobody makes an impression without standing out a bit from the crowd. Challenging the flamboyant and excessive stereotype with a more streamlined, serious, and yet polished look is one suggested avenue for gay men who wish to strike out in an individualistic direction.

Fit is still supremely important, though it should be tapered in suit jackets and dress shirts without looking too tight – appropriate fit is not only aesthetically attractive, but it is comfortable and well-rounded. Just as suit jackets that are too large look slovenly and unattractive, the same holds true for suit jackets or dress shirts that are too tight.

Colour is another consideration, particularly in the sense that the liberalization of men’s fashion has increased the spectrum of commonly worn colours. What this means is that pushing the envelope no longer means only combining an entire ensemble of bold tones, but also the possibility of incorporating these bright hues via a striking centerpiece on a background of well-tailored, conservative base colours.

Gay men should consider choosing a mix-and-match approach to building an image that is both unpredictable and captivating; by selecting premium quality items from both conservative and bold categories (and accentuating the bold by limiting it to one exquisite centerpiece such as a gold paisley necktie or a nice pair of Dolce & Gabbana eyeglasses) gay men will not only display excellent taste in co-ordinating a wardrobe but will also find a greater range of individual expression that diverges in an unexpected yet professional direction.

Gay Fashion Faux Pas – No More Sockless Shoes, Boys!

One unfortunate byproduct of having crafted a market specific to gay fashion trends is the explicit possibility of crafting some truly horrific advice for men who are simply looking to improve their image. No larger culprit can be found than a receding insinuation that loafers be worn without socks.

No shoe, particularly leather shoes such as the high-quality designer footwear normally associated with this trend, should ever be worn sockless. Not only will wearing leather shoes or loafers without socks contribute to extremely smelly feet, it will also contribute to a pair warped, discoloured, and odorous leather shoes. For those who can’t relinquish their sockless revolution without a fight, sandals or the extremely interesting Sanuk brand of “sidewalk surfers” are the most appropriate forms of footwear that can be worn without socks.

Skinny jeans are another particular fashion faux pas that has been appropriated from the gay community and now is in widespread use by trend-seeking hipsters. Skinny jeans, without reservation, are not flattering on men in any context and cannot be worn in any professional capacity. Further, men of average build and those more heavyset will look absolutely ridiculous in a pair of skinny jeans.

By keeping a trained eye and a motivation for complementary mixing-and-matching that blends the best of both style worlds, gay men can express themselves without falling prey to aesthetic prejudice or sartorial pigeonholing – unable to be categorized, these men gain much greater power through the expression of their individual image and personality.