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Hot Summer Fashion for Men – Staying Cool: Fabrics and Colours Can Keep You From Sweating Too Much!

Whether one is travelling south during the winter, going on a caribbean cruise, or simply calls a tropical climate their home – it is supremely important to invest in some warm weather clothing that will protect you from sweating and discomfort while out and about during the day. Many factors can influence your daily (and nightly) comfort, including fabric choices, colours, and even types of garments.

What to Wear, Staying Cool Under the Sun

A few garments and accessories to consider mandatory would be a pair of nice sunglasses, a beautiful hat to protect you from the bearing down heat of the sun, as well as chinos, polo shirts, short sleeve collared shirts, and a beautiful linen jacket. These are the staples of a summerwear wardrobe and are truly requisite for any man looking to remain stylish while avoiding discomfort while spending time out in the heat.

Some of the most popular sunglasses this season available to men are being offered by popular designers Dolce & Gabbana, or D & G. Some particular styles that are especially trendy for this summer include the Valentino and the Revo. Another popular designer in men’s summer eyewear is Christian Dior, whom is offering a few stunning models such as the Black Tie, and the Flavour. With beautiful tints ranging from mauve to chocolate – this year’s collection is hard to beat.

With regards to polo shirts, Lacoste is certainly one of the best labels on the market at the moment. With an accessible price point, being relatively inexpensive for designer menswear, it is truly great style for both young and old. Lacoste is famous for using very bright colours in their collections, helping to inspire a boisterous, youthful, energetic look that is still fitting and appropriate for more mature gentlemen.

Some of the standout contenders in the collection for this summer season include a vintage washed pique polo available in 23 colours, as well as a Silver Collection bead pique polo available in two colours in a contrast collar styling. Lacoste also produces a full line of menswear outside of their hallmark polo shirt product that is well worth looking into.

Finally, to top off any look ranging from a designer polo to a lightweight summer sport shirt, a linen jacket for strolling or for dinner is a near must for any sharp dressed gentleman looking to put a finish on a somewhat casual summer look. A more casual and modern look has been introduced by legendary designer Armani in the Guru linen jacket. Featuring a mandarin collar and large patch pockets topped off with contrast threaded topstitching – the jacket blends a slim silhouette with a very fresh and innovative styling. For another modern and stylish look, a cotton blazer is also a cool alternative – Calvin Klein offering a beautiful classic fit, zip-up cotton blazer for under $200 this season from their website.

Colours and Other Suggestions to Stay Cool

Lighter colours will benefit any summer wardrobe – not only due to their aesthetic value but also for the obvious practical reasons of repelling sunlight rather than absorbing it into the fabric. Black and other darker fabrics grow extremely hot under the sweltering heat of the sun and so it is best to ensure that your summer wardrobe is comprised of lighter, more vibrant colours for more than one reason.

Other accessories that are often forgotten about are socks – many men simply wear crew socks all year long without consideration to the temperatures of their feet in constraining footwear. While sandals may be a viable alternative with several beautiful styles being offered by quality companies such as Clark’s, many times dress shoes must still be worn during the summer months for formal or corporate functions. For this reason, men should surely invest in some SmartWool socks.

Despite the common conception that wool is hot, sticky, and wet – smartwool socks are comfortable both in the coldest months of the winter as well as the dog days of summer. Ensure that the socks are dress socks of a thin construction rather than heavier guage crew or athletic socks however – this distinction makes a world of difference.

Outfitted in the proper wardrobe a gentleman can have confidence not only in his image but also in his comfort – and that truly is the most important factor when faced with rising temperatures and bright, beautiful outdoor scenery.